If you are fundraising and hoping to get donor funding, writing a proposal is mandatory. It takes effort to convince donors, especially if they have never worked with the charity organisation that is seeking funds. Having a good proposal is compulsory. These are some of the things that should not be missed in a proposal:

  • About the organisation: Think of it as a job interview. You will only get a chance if people know you well. Describe the scope of the charity organisation’s mandate where you work, the goals and objectives, and success stories. The introduction should really tell what sets you apart from other organisations and why you are a good candidate.
  • Why you need the money: In your proposal, you should indicate why you need the money. What need will the donation fulfil, and where else have you been getting funding? Those are undoubtedly some of the questions you must clearly address.
  • Comprehensive budget: The donors will want a breakdown of how the money will be used. It should be in line with your strategic plans so that they are sure their funds will be used for the benefit of the people it was intended.