If you are interested in volunteer work, there are many opportunities available, from working in a charity shop to administering the Covid vaccination programme and being a marshall or steward at a music event. All volunteering brings its own rewards, but if you have a particular interest in music, then helping with crowd control or being a roadie for a band will bring its own attractions. For example, you normally get free entry to music events and concerts that you may not be able to get tickets for.

You get to know the fans and musicians, and often you can form lifetime friendships. However, as with many volunteering opportunities, you must keep fit, especially if you are expected to work long hours. You need to take some time out to consider a fitness regime that will equip you for an arduous gig or music festival. This is where Aim’n can help with their range of activewear nz clothing that provides you with everything you want in workout attire.

Why Consider Aim’n?

This online company provides a vast array of self-designed sports gear and accessories. They specialise in womenswear and are a company created by women to inspire other females all over the world. Their philosophy embodies all women reaching for the stars to achieve their ultimate body shape and level of fitness. Working out as a volunteer is important to achieve the stamina and health levels that will be needed in all forms of voluntary work, especially at music concerts. Aim’n originates in Sweden but operates from Tauranga, New Zealand, as well as Halmstad in Sweden. They have over 300,000 satisfied customers to date, which speaks volumes for the quality and practicality of their products.

Aim’n Workout Sportswear for Women

As you would expect, Aim’n offers high-quality designer sports clothing that provides style, elegance and durability. Their range features:

  • Seamless tights
  • High-waisted tights
  • Sweatshirts and pants
  • Shorts
  • A wide variety of jackets
  • Crop tops

This activewear is available in a multitude of sizes and colours and comes either plain or with specially designed motif decoration. Check out the website where you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Perfect also for looking stylish but feeling comfortable at music concerts, recitals and gigs.


Volunteering can give you life experiences that you would never have been exposed to in reality and look great on your CV if you are looking for a job or a new career opportunity. With that added bonus of free music access and keeping fit, you should try it out now. Check out Aim’n for all your activewear needs; you won’t be disappointed.