The success of a charity organisation depends on the people who manage it. No matter how good the objectives are, if they do not have a good manager, they will cease operations and end up folding. That is why it is essential to learn how to properly manage a charity organisation. Some of the tips that have been given by successful leaders are:

  • Embody the organisation’s mandate and goals: All charity organisations have a constitution that explains their existence. A good manager is one who understands the mandate and plans activities that will help to implement them. Before you become a manager for a charity organisation, you must first internalise why it exists.
  • Embrace teamwork: You may be the manager, but it takes a group effort to see the success of charity work. Even the most basic employees, including volunteers, will need to feel appreciated when a project is being implemented. Resist the urge to take all the praise as it will demoralise the people you work with.
  • Understand the law: Most managers who are just coming into charity organisations assume that they are exempt from the law. No matter how popular the organisation is, they still operate under the regulations of the country they are working in. Things such as human rights, labour laws, children’s acts must always be adhered to.

Managers of charity organisations should also have integrity. They should open up the books for audits and avoid engaging in activities that will dent the image of the organisation and ruin the potential for funding or any form of support.