If you are a manager at a charity organisation, you should understand that it takes a team for things to work. Poorly managed organisations have a high turnover of workers, and volunteers barely stay more than a few weeks. To ensure that the people who work in charity organisations remain, their managers should try these tips:

  • Make them feel appreciated: Everyone wants to feel needed and appreciated. If you cannot give them a reason to feel as though they need to stay, then chances are that they will leave. Whenever they do something notable to help in achieving goals, acknowledge them and make them feel that they matter. For volunteers, you can even have a token of appreciation for them in the form of a little payment or gift.
  • Promote a sense of belonging: When you promote a sense of belonging among your team members, you are sending them a message that you want them to stay. Everyone wants a place where they feel as though they are home.
  • Give them roles or titles: A mistake that managers make is to assign people random roles and hope that things will fall into place. Even a volunteer will need a title that defines their role. It makes them feel professional.