So, you have decided to become a volunteer, and you are wondering how to choose the right charity from the many options available? Well, you are not alone. Most people who are starting out volunteering admit that the biggest challenge always comes in deciding the right charity organisation to work with. The following guide will help you choose.

Consider Your Passion

Do not just walk into a charity organisation and declare that you want to volunteer. The first step is always to know what you are passionate about and whether there are organisations that align with your interests. For instance, if you love working with children, you should probably reach out to organisations that work with young people, such as foster care or paediatric hospitals. Once you can outline what you are passionate about, you can then easily find the right organisation.

Do Research

Before you reach out to a charity organisation and say you want to volunteer, you should first do some research. Find out the different types of charity organisations and how they operate. You can then narrow down to the ones you feel will work best for you, and then start doing research on the individual organisations. Check if they have been involved in any scandal, some of their success stories, and where they most need volunteers. Your research should also include talking to people who have worked with them before to know where the charity’s priorities are.

Examine Your Schedule

One of the most heartbreaking thing that charity organisations always have to deal with are the many volunteers who show interest and fail to show up. Before you approach an organisation that you want to volunteer for, you should first look at your schedule to be sure that you will be available. This makes it easier for the charity to assign you roles based on availability.

Trust Your Instincts

Sometimes, it is tough to know whether an organisation will be the best fit for you. Trusting your instincts might sound cliched, but most people admit that they followed their hearts and chose a particular charity organisation. It turned out to be their best experience.

Suppose you are not sure about the choice you are making. In that case, you can start by volunteering for shorter days of activities before you commit fully.