How you can help

  • Become a follower of the Sophie Elliott Foundation.
  • Have a look around our website and the other linked websites and become familiar with the early warning signs of abuse so that you can support your loved ones without blame or judgement.
  • Be an ethical bystander and reject all signs of abuse, power and control. Support November’s white ribbon campaign as a personal pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women.
  • Purchase "Sophie's Legacy" with all proceeds going to the Sophie Elliott Foundation
  • Donate


How will your donation money be spent?

We have researched around the world for “best practice” prevention, education and awareness programmes in high schools and universities. Australia, America and Canada have advanced and proven programmes.

We have met with the leading experts in New Zealand.

We intend to adapt a world best practice prevention programme to meet the New Zealand community.

We won’t know exactly what the prevention programme will look like until we begin fundraising but with the help of New Zealand experts such as Alison Towns, the Families Commission, Ministry of Social Development, Women’s Refuge, and Rape Prevention Education, we will choose the most suitable programme for New Zealand.

We expect the administration costs of our Foundation to be fixed at less than 10% of donations, once financially established.