Violence prevention through education, awareness and empowerment of young women


The Sophie Elliott Foundation is a legacy to a very special 22 year old, Sophie Elliott.
Sophie’s life was tragically and brutally taken from her by her ex-boyfriend.  They had dated for just five months.

Youth dating relationships have a higher level of emotional and physical violence than any other age group. Young people aged 15-24 are the age group most at risk of physical, psychological and sexual victimisation, (New Zealand National Crime Survey, 2006). An alarming 48% of couples at age 21 have reported being physically abused by their partner(Moffitt and Caspi).

We say “ENOUGH”

The Sophie Elliott Foundation aims to cause a profound shift in New Zealand’s attitude towards relationship violence – one that has the next generation recognise and reject all signs of abuse, power and control.

In Sophie’s honour we aim to prevent the abuse and murder of women at the hands of their boyfriends and partners.

“As a legacy to Sophie, it is the aim of the Sophie Elliott Foundation to raise the awareness of all young women, and their families and friends, of the signs of partner abuse.” 

Lesley Elliott, Sophie’s Mother
On average a woman in New Zealand dies every 26 days at the hands of her current or former partner. Police receive a call for help in a domestic setting every seven minutes, yet they estimate only 18% of abused people make that call.

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